Monday, July 28, 2014

Ines Gloves in the movies: Winter's Tale

I recently had the opportunity to watch an amazing tale of love enduring in Winters Tale, starring Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findlay. This is a story of love that survives and ensures all... and even includes an Ines appearance!

Jessica Brown Findlay plays Beverly Penn, a young woman dying from consumption in the late 1800s, She meets Peter Lake (Farrell), a talented thief who falls desperately and hopelessly in love with her. Beverly wears a beautiful pair of my sensual past elbow gloves in a scene in which Beverly and Peter share their first dance.

Even actor Russell Crowe makes an appearance in this love story... grasping the short every day glace gloves that Beverly wears as part of her travelling ensemble for upstate New York.

For an impossible love story that transcends the decades and displays the timeless fashions of Ines, indulge in a movie afternoon with Winter's Tale.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Keep calm and wear gloves!!!

The beauty of Ines Gloves lies not only in the elegance of each design, but in how it makes you feel. Sliding your hands into the softest lambskin is a treat for the senses, and brings calm by making you feel luxurious, sensual, and spoiled with fashion.

Try experimenting this season with the finest in fashion... the image above shows that through the ages, long leather gloves will always remain in style.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ines Gloves' glove of the week

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to wear leather gloves on your legs? To feel the sumptuous softness of lambskin? Well, now you can with my sensual oh-la-la leg gloves from Ines Gloves!

These leather stockings are the ultimate in leather fashion, and come with an adjustable garter so that it will not slip down. Elastic panels on either side of the leggings make this garment easily suitable for any size.

Try wearing your leg gloves in a variety of ways... paired with a skirt and tunic-style top, secretly and seductive beneath a dress, or all alone for a boudoir surprise! No matter which way you wear them, these leather leg gloves will cause heads to turn!

Even pop singer Demi Lovato shows off her leather elegance in a sexy pair of leather leggings with a long sweater and delightful leather jacket. Very rocker chic!

Be creative... be sexy... be elegant... with my sensual oh-la-la leg gloves from Ines!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ines Gloves at work

Just when you thought Ines Gloves were only designed for fashion and sensuality outside of the office, she returns with a splash! Ines Gloves are a special, unique, practical, anytime and all-the-time glove... whether you're a career woman of the world or simply looking to add a fresh accessory to your wardrobe, Ines has a glove for you.

Even in the summer, many workplaces will have air conditioning to keep their employees comfortable. However, that cool air is drying to the skin. What better way to keep your skin looking its smoothest than by enveloping your hands in a beautiful pair of my sensual past elbow gloves?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Go Wilde for Ines' stretch leather!

Actress Olivia Wilde goes "Wilde" for her favourite sensual stretch leather shoulder high gloves!

Stretch leather is so unique and only available at Ines Gloves. Using exclusive, high quality leather from French manufacturers, stretch leather is made by introducing a patented material with specific elastic properties into the sub-layers of the leather glove. A very complex procedure, but the product is a pair of gloves that truly fit like a second skin!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ines loves the leather skirt

The leather skirt is truly one of this season's most versatile, most loved, and must-have items! We all love the leather skirt, and the combination of it with an elegant pair of leather gloves is very chic. However, we simply cannot ignore the classy elegance of a non-leather skirt with gloves too...

 ~ Are you looking for that ultra-modern leather look? Look no further than the leather mini-skirt! If you're opting for a sleeveless top, heighten your leather factor with my sensual glossy almost elbow high gloves. Can you ever have too much leather???

 ~ A feather skirt has a certain "wow" factor, but adding a pair of my fashion fingerless driving gloves makes an ensemble truly unique. 

 ~ This is a classic, timeless look, perfect for the office or an afternoon of exploring. The long patterned skirt elongates the feminine silhouette, while the my every day glace leather gloves adds a touch of flirtation... 

 ~ Ready for a wild night out??? Add a brilliant splash of color to your ensemble with my sensual silk lined almost elbow high gloves. The color shows your fun side, while the glove peeking out from beneath a longer sleeve proves you won't give all your secrets away...  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ines Gloves' glove of the week

Do you ever have difficulty finding leather gloves to find your small, delicate hands? Have you had to resort to children's gloves in the past?

If you have had to answer "yes" to either of these questions, you may be interested in this week's glovey feature: my petite cashmere lined gloves!

These gloves are perfect for small, dainty hands, and are lined with luxurious red cashmere. A treat for your hardworking hands, inside and out! These special gloves are available in 9 wonderful colors.

As for sizing, these gloves fit sizes 5 - 5.5. To properly fit these gloves, the length of your middle finger should be approximately 7 cm, while the circumference of your hand should be 15 - 16 cm.

Enhance your elegance with a pair of my petite cashmere lined gloves to make an already dainty hand even more elegant...